The journey of cannabis and CBD to Czech pharmacies

The journey of cannabis and CBD to Czech pharmacies

The topic of medical cannabis and CBD has been very popular in recent years. Not surprisingly, however, given the wide use of these two components. Cannabis and CBD have also found their place in the field of pharmaceuticals in recent decades. Pharmacies are literally full of cannabis products, but how they have built their place in pharmacies and why some people are skeptical about the effects of these substances, is what we will explain in this article.

A bit of history

Cannabis is a plant widespread throughout the world. People have been cultivating it for centuries for its unpretentiousness, and its use has been very versatile. In ancient times Cannabis was used not only as a base for textiles, but also as a paper pulp, food in the form of seeds and oils and, for example, as litter. It has become an integral part of medicine and folk medicine. 

The first recorded evidence of its use in medicine dates back to the 3rd century BC, when it was used in China. Here, cannabis was used mainly for the creation of ropes and fishing nets. Until the beginning of the industrial revolution, cannabis was an absolutely common part of healing practices, not only among herbalists and healers, but also among the nobility. There is even known evidence that Queen Victoria, for example, used it for migraines and other pains, such as menstruation.

The abandonment of cannabis in medicine did not occur until the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, due to the rising popularity of administering medicine via injection. The problem was mainly in its ability to dissolve only in fats or alcohol, which is not a suitable option for injection. In addition, at the beginning of the last century, a wave of revolutionary new drugs replaced cannabis as a medicine. However, the last decade of the last century has brought new knowledge thanks to science, and the use of cannabis in medicine has resumed. In addition, thanks to advanced technologies, we are researching deeper and deeper in research into the effects associated with cannabis and CBD. 

Cannabis and CBD in Czech pharmacies

Although it is not well known, the Czech Republic has a relatively important position within the EU in connection with the use of these ingredients in pharmaceuticals. A good example that Czechs are among the world leaders in working with cannabis and CBD is the fact that a Czech company was the first in the world to launch a medical device based on CBD, ie cannabidiol - an active substance isolated from cannabis which does not have any psychoactive effect. It was an absolutely crucial milestone for European use of the substance, which has huge potential.

Currently, anyone has the opportunity to acquire cannabis products, which can deal with a wide range of problems. From chronic pain, through joint problems to digestive problems. The big advantage also lies in the number of ways it can be administered. In the form of classic food supplements in tablet form, as well as in the form of CBD oil, hemp gels and creams containing CBD or in the form of teas.

In addition, since 2013, the Czech Republic has become one of the countries that allow the use of prescription medical cannabis. Thus, in this case, patients can use cannabis through infusions or directly by inhalation through a vaporizer. Nowadays, it is also possible to inhale so-called CBD liquids, which has a positive effect not only on the psyche and alleviation of problems associated with pain or skin problems, but can also be used as an effective aromatherapy.

Cannabis and CBD - Facts and myths

Although the list of effects and possible uses is really extensive, people are still divided into two camps. The first one respects cannabis products, often uses them, finds out the facts and thinks critically. The second camp is skeptical about this issue, often believing various myths and perceives cannabis use as a harmful pastime for adolescents. Regardless of the perception of cannabis and CBD in general as psychotropic substances, it is a completely erroneous belief in terms of their use in medical products. We can often even come across the opinion that people perceive these products as illegal. Such people are then influenced by these opinions when choosing a variety of products in the pharmacy. Therefore, they prefer to reach for a product that does not contain cannabis or CBD, even though the ingredients could really help them. It is true that neither cannabis nor CBD can solve all health problems, but it is definitely worth a test.

Which type of Cannabis massage cream to choose

CBD warming massage cream, CBD cooling massage cream or CBD massage cream with 10% hemp oil?

We will help you find your way around the offers of massage creams that are available on our e-shop. It always depends on the specific needs of each of you and also on the sensitivity of the skin. CBD Cannabis massage creams contribute to the release of muscle tension, muscle stiffness and mild discomfort associated with swelling.

CBD Cannabis cooling massage cream is ideal for frequent use for adults, seniors and athletes. It brings quick relief, and relaxation while at the same time refreshment in case of muscle fatigue and musculoskeletal problems. It is most popular with customers - men, who especially appreciate active ingredients such as camphor, peppermint amd menthol, which guarantee an immediate feeling of freshness for sore muscles. For athletes, cannabis massage cream provides an immediate feeling of relief and helps to regenerate the musculoskeletal system faster overall.

The opposite sensory effect is guaranteed by the CBD Cannabis warming massage cream, which is often used to warm the musculoskeletal system before physical exertion or for application before bedtime. The high proportion of effective extracts from chili, eucalyptus, cinnamon or lavender oil extract in the recipe guarantees the effectiveness of the massage for sore muscles, acute and chronic back and joint problems, rheumatism, osteoarthritis and sciatica. Due to its pleasant aroma from essential oils, it is a sought-after product for the "gentler sex."

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