Pharma Future

Pharma Future company develops and produces highly specialized and sophisticated products. Each product contains an active substance and for its quality, purity and dosage, could be even a self-sold product.

We have top-notch products that are incomparable with any other in today's market, bringing science innovations directly to the patients with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Effectiveness and satisfaction in improving the health and well-being of our patients are our primary goal.

These unique products cannot be provided to patients through normal means of selling because of their sophistication and complexity, for this purpose, the skill and knowledge of doctors and trained specialists are used.

The community of top scientists continues to work closely together to further improve and develop new products that are highly superior to other products in today's market due to their composition and effectiveness. This continuous improvement spiral thus provides a wide range of benefits to all patients and expert co-workers of the entire community.

  • Top quality and certified raw materials (from Aloe Vera to Cannabis)
  • Our products are subjected to strict control
  • Cosmetic products are dermatologist approved 

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Our address and contacts

Address of the facility:

VGP PARK, Na Statkách hala D 783 47 Hněvotín, Czech Republic

Monday-Friday 07:30 - 15:30


Call us:  +420 601 176 232



Pharma Future s.r.o.
Hněvotín 588, 783 47 Hněvotín, Czech Republic

IČO: 24803545
DIČ: CZ24803545

Date of registration: 4th February 2011
File C 61474 kept at Ostrava regional court