Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions


  • Is the final consumer of Pharma Future products and their associated trademarks
  • He is shopping for himself and his loved ones in the comfort of his home
  • Can shop completely without registration or with a simple registration for which he receives a free gift from Pharma Future
  • A free gift is usually a sample of a new product, the product itself from the Pharma Future portfolio or a reminder or promotional item
  • In case of any registration, even registration without purchasing products, the customer may be contacted by a distributor or reseller of Pharma Future (usually according to the location or address he filled in at the time of registration) with an offer of other possible discounts and benefits, see below in these terms and conditions
  • When purchasing through a registered distributor, the customer gets a 22-23 % discount
  • You can obtain more information about the possibility of purchasing through an authorized distributor at the customer service line of Pharma Future, phone.: +420 601 176 232, or e-mail: info@pharma-future.com, or find the nearest distributor or reseller at www.pharma-future.com in the section „Dealers“

Orders, deadlines, delivery

Receiving orders

  • Orders can be made by phone at customer service line at +420 601 176 232 , by e-mail at info@pharma-future.com or at the address of the establishment Pharma Future Ltd., VGP PARK, Na Statkách hala D 783 47 Hněvotín, Czech Republic
  • The time to receive phone orders is from 7am to 3pm
  • Orders made via e-shop at www.pharma-future.com or through the distribution system at www.pharma-members.com are accepted 24 hours a day
  • Orders will be dispatched within 24 hours after their execution within working days and delivered within the Czech Republic via PPL within the next day
  • Orders can also be picked up in person at Pharma Future Ltd. at VGP PARK, Na Statkách hala D 783 47 Hněvotín, Czech Republic from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm
  • Personal pickup is free of charge
  • Delivery on orders exceeding CZK 800 with VAT is also free of charge (to be paid by Pharma Future)
  • For orders up to CZK 800 (with VAT) inclusive, delivery will be charged in the amount of CZK 82.64 excl. VAT, i.e. CZK 100 including VAT
  • The goods can be paid by cash on delivery or by bank transfer, eventually by use of GoPay payments
  • Pharma Future has the right to provide the possibility of payment on invoice with maturity. However, this right is not automatic and is subjected to individual approval by Pharma Future Ltd.

Respecting sales prices

  • Pharma Future Ltd. prohibits the sale of Pharma Future brand products and their associated trademarks for non-catalogue prices
  • Catalogue prices are valid until the release of a new catalogue, the date of entry into force of a new catalogue is marked on the front of the new catalogue
  • Pharma Future may also issue extraordinary leaflets, their validity is limited in time and clearly marked in the front of the leaflet
  • Pharma Future can enable its retailers and distributors promote their products or sell them on the Internet, but they always have to comply with the set selling prices on the Pharma Future website - www.pharma-future.com
  • The company explicitly forbids placing products on discount and auction servers
  • The exception is products from the "Action and Sell" category, which can be offered by sellers / distributors at arbitrary prices
  • Non-observance of sales prices is taken as a gross violation of business terms and may lead to an immediate termination of cooperation

Complaints and returns

  • If you are not satisfied with the product of Pharma Future, you have the right to return it without giving any reason within 14 days of receiving the goods.
  • Properly wrap the returned goods, including the original packaging and complaint protocol, and send it back to Pharma Future
  • The cost of sending a claimed product is paid by the customer (buyer)
  • The Buyer acknowledges that if he obtained free gifts with his purchase, the gift agreement between Pharma Future and the buyer is made conditional upon the purchaser's use of the right to withdraw from the purchase contract, the gift contract is no longer valid and the buyer is obliged to return the returned goods and the related gifts
  • If the goods are defective, the customer may request replacement of the goods, removal of the defect or money back
  • In the event that the customer wants to keep the defective goods and does not insist on their removal, he may require a reasonable discount on these goods
  • If a customer causes a defect of the product (for example, by improper use or handling of the product), he / she is not entitled to a free removal of this defect or demanding a discount
  • Complaints must be processed without undue delay, but no later than within 30 days
  • In the case of a refund or a discount, we only send money to the customer's bank account specified in the complaint protocol


Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us and we would like to inform you about the updated version of our Privacy Policy. For more transparent and clearer information about how we process your personal information, we have divided the Privacy Policy into different chapters. In these chapters, we describe in detail what personal information we keep about you and how we handle it. We also describe information about your rights. For example how you can get access to your personal data and how you can request termination of the use of your personal data.

Protection of your personal data is very important for us and we want to be open and transparent when processing your personal data. Protection of personal data is very important For Pharma Future Ltd., and we want to maintain openness and transparency when processing your private data. Therefore, we have established conditions in which we determine how your personal data will be processed and protected. That is why we have conditions where we state how your personal data is going to be processed

Who checks your personal information?

The personal data you pass to us is checked by Pharma Future Ltd. Pharma Future is also responsible for your personal data under the applicable data protection laws.

Pharma Future Ltd.

VGP PARK, Na Statkách hala D

783 47 Hněvotín, Czech Republic

IČ: 248 03 545, DIČ: CZ24803545

Who has access to your personal data? 

Your personal data will be shared in the frame of Pharma Future Group. Pharma Future Ltd. acts solely as a processor of personal data. Your personal data will never be provided, exchanged or sold for marketing purposes to third parties outside the Pharma Future group.

What is the legal basis for processing?

In the case of each individual processing of personal data we collect from you, we inform you whether the provision of personal data is in accordance with law, whether it is required for the purpose of concluding the contract, whether it is obligatory to provide personal data and what the consequences are, if you choose not to provide the data.

The scope of personal data and purpose of processing

We process personal information for the following reasons (to meet these purposes)

  • Provision of services and fulfilling the contract
    Your personal data in the scope of: we need the billing information, e-mail, telephone, or correspondence to fulfil the contract (sending ordered goods, etc.) 
  • Bookkeeping
    If you are our customers, we need your personal data (billing information) to comply with the statutory duty to issue and record tax documents
  • Marketing
    We use your personal data (name, phone number, e-mail) for the purpose of direct marketing – sending business messages in the form of newsletters. 

Your rights in relation to the protection of personal data

You have a number of rights in relation to the protection of your personal data:

Your right to object to direct marketing: 

You have the right to object to direct marketing. You can carry out your direct marketing exclusion request in this way:

  • Based on the instructions given in each marketing e-mail (newsletter)

You have the right to information:

  • Which is already covered by this information page with the Privacy Policy

If you change anything or find your personal information outdated or incomplete, you have the right to complete and change your personal information.

Right to limit data: 

You have the right to request Pharma Future Ltd. limit the processing of your personal data under these circumstances:

  • If you dispute the processing based on the legitimate interest of Pharma Future, Future Pharma Ltd. will restrict any processing of such data until the legitimacy of interest is verified.
  • If you believe that your personal data is inaccurate, Pharma Future must restrict all processing of such data before the accuracy of personal data is verified.

Right to delete data: 

You have the right to delete any personal data processed by Pharma Future Ltd. except in the following situations:

  • You have an open request at the Customer Service
  • You have uncompleted order, which has not been sent yet or has been sent partially
  • You have an outstanding debt at Pharma Future Ltd., irrespective of the payment method
  • If you have made any purchases, we will keep your personal data associated with your transaction for accounting purposes

Your right to challenge processing based on legitimate interest:  

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data on the basis of the legitimate interest of Pharma Future Ltd. Pharma Future will not further process this personal data unless it can demonstrate legitimate reason for this processing that takes precedence over your interest and rights or the legal claims.

How can you exercise your rights?

We take protection of personal data very seriously therefore we have dedicated customer service staff responsible for handling your requirements in connection with your above-mentioned rights. You can contact us anytime at info@pharma-future.com.

Valid from 24th May 2018