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Silicone Scar Treatment 20g


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Advanced formula for the treatment and management of scars after surgeries and laser treatments. 

Low-molecular skin care product for scars and their surroundings after surgery, laser therapies and to cover already existing unsightly scars. Gel in the form of a silicone ointment helps to soften, smooth out and reduce all types of scars on the skin, whether fresh or older, created after surgery, keloid, hypertrophic, laser surgery, insect bites or dermatitis or other skin diseases. After using the product, the scar becomes smoother, finer and smaller. At the same time, the product can help reduce scar colour and eliminate redness of the scar and its surroundings. To name other benefits, the formula also has effect on the level of water bound in the skin, allowing accelerating the regeneration of the skin and reduce the irritation of scars and their surroundings caused by surgical procedures or injuries.

The formula creates a gas-permeable film, permeable for oxygen necessary for skin breathing, but water-repellent and impervious to bacteria and other microorganisms causing skin inflammation, worsening wound healing, or the appearance of unsightly spots due to possible inflammation. The formula is suitable for post-laser skin care and especially for the reduction and elimination of erythema (redness) associated with dermatological laser procedures. The product can also help flatten, soften and smooth out hypertrophic scars and keloids, and at the same time improve the colour shade that can be created for some types of scars.

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